Each time you complete a milestone, you gain a new achievement! Below are all the achievements you can get as a member! How many do you have? 

The Map Badge

You've Completed Module 1 of Bounce Online and earned your Map Badge! Earning your Map Badge means you now have a better understanding of what your model of the world looks like, so you start to map out your journey forward. Keep moving forward!

The Key Badge

You've Completed Module 2 of Bounce Online and earned your Key Badge! You’ve uncovered the secret to smashing through the barriers and roadblocks on the path to your best life. Now it’s time to get direction and discover which way you want to go!
Let’s do this!

The Signs Badge

You've Completed Module 3 of Bounce Online and earned your Signs Badge! Earning The Signs Badge means you have the skills to ask good questions and listen effectively, work as part of a team and build strong connections with others.
Wow! You’re smashing it!

The Compass Badge

You've Completed Module 4 of Bounce Online and earned your Compass Badge! Now you’ve got your Compass Badge, you can create new goals and a powerful vision for the life you want, and you’ve got a plan to get you there.

The Toolbox Badge

You've Completed Module 5 of Bounce Online and earned your Toolbox Badge! What an achievement! You’ve filled your toolbox with everything you need and you're ready to hit the road!

Job Coach Badge

You've completed your "Job Coach Certification" and have all the coaching skills you need to motivate your clients into employment, faster and more effectively than ever before.


You've completed "The PEARLS System" and you've got all the foundational coaching skills you need, to become an outstanding job coach.