Be a lover, not a fighter

Be a lover, not a fighter

Learn how to stop conflict in its tracks

Not everyone is going to get along at work, it’s a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean that we have a free pass to argue. As individuals, we have a responsibility to manage conflict in the workplace. Even if you’re always on your best behaviour, you can help others get along as well.

Conflict can be things like working with difficult clients, workplace arguments and difficult co-workers. It can also be bad attitudes towards work, stressful working conditions and tiredness. Managing conflict doesn’t mean breaking up fist fights, it’s about stopping issues before they happen.

Grab the worksheet to figure out how you could better manage conflict in your life by clicking [HERE].

How to stop conflict:

How you can use this knowledge

A happier working life

No more awkward silences, complaining behind peoples back and unspoken stresses.

Happier boss

If your boss is happy then everyone benefits and it makes going to work every day a lot nicer.

Happier home life

Conflict management doesn’t just happen at work, it helps deal with issues at home too.

Happier you

Less arguing, less stress and less pressure means you will be much happier in your life.

What’s your communication style?

Do the quiz and find out!

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