Help for your Clients

Help your clients feel good and find their way into work.

With the right tools and support, job seekers will feel more confident, motivated and excited about their journey into employment. You can give them a boost, by helping them to get clear around the types of jobs they would be best suited to, showing them how to skill-up and encouraging them to take action.

Help your clients get career clear

Help your clients discover more about themselves, the way they work, and the type of work they’re best suited to with these quick and easy quizzes.

Find the right
career for you

How well do
you adapt to change?

What's your
communication style?

Skill up

Enroll your clients in Bounce Online

This short course will help you clients develop all the work-readiness skills they need to step into work with confidence.

The Bounce Program is a work-readiness training program unlike any other. It will helps job seekers to overcome their fears and frustrations about finding a job, and takes them on a journey to see life in a completely different way.

If you’re clients are ready for something new, get them to give Bounce Online a go! 

Take Action

Ready to take everything you’ve learnt and put it into action to find your ideal job? Let’s do this!

Using EQ to Land the Job

Having emotional intelligence is being aware of your own emotions, the emotions of others and using these feelings in a positive way. With emotional intelligence you are able to change situations you’re not happy with and achieve your goals.

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Need to boost your skills?

The most successful people in life all have one thing in common, they believe in learning. They know that if you don’t understand how to do something, you can always find someone to teach you. You may already know what kind of work you want to do, but you just don’t have the skills to get the job.

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Need help with your goals?

When you’re clear on what you want in your life, it’s easier to ignore the things that won’t help you get there. The thing is it’s not always easy to see what we do want. But what we’re great at is knowing what we don’t want. So that’s where we start.

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