Make your own Goal Board

Make your own Goal Board

It’s the fun way to stay motivated

You know your big goal and you know what you have to do to get there… but you’ll do it tomorrow.

This is not how goals are achieved.

Maybe you need something to remind you why your goal is so important. Introducing Goal Boards.

Goal Boards are a place that you can put up images of your goals, dreams and wishes to keep you motivated. They’re simple, they’re fun, and they can look pretty cool.

How to make your Goal Board

This is just a guide to how you could make a Goal Board. It is really yours to create. You can make it on your computer or build it in your mind. What’s important is that you spend time with it and use it to motivate you.

How you can use this knowledge

Stay motivated

Keep your energy levels high and keep moving forward.

Achieve your goals

Work hard and get the things you really want.

Have fun

Remind yourself that not everything is a chore.

Feel great

Look back at your goal board and know you’ve done well.


Need more help with your goals?

Take a look at the goal setting process

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