Need to introduce yourself?

Need to introduce yourself?

This letter can help you get a job no-one knew existed

When you are walking into businesses off the street (commonly known as “Cold Calling”), it can be difficult for employers to remember everything about you after you leave. The best way to be remembered is to write a short letter of introduction.

Letters of introduction are a lot like application letters but with one small difference. Application letters are used to apply for a job that is already advertised, letters of introduction are asking if there are any jobs available. One is a response, and one is a request. 

Letters of introduction follow a simple template:

How you can use this knowledge

Create great letters of introduction

Write amazing letters of introduction that get an employer’s attention.

Learn more about computers

Use computers and programs like Word to make your letter look great.

Get practice

Become faster and faster at creating letters with practice.

Make a good impression

Asking for a job in a workplace before a job is advertised shows initiative.


Still trying to get that interview?

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