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career for you

Find the career for you in under 5 minutes. Will you find your future now or will you wait for it to find you?

How well do
you adapt to change?

This quiz will help you find your natural level of adaptability and give you the strategies & techniques to improve.

What's your
communication style?

This quiz will help you pin-point your communications style & help you adapt to others, to effectively influence.

What is your Job Coaching Style?​

Get insight into your coaching personality type, and identify opportunities for growth and further development

Want to upskill?

Enroll in a course to boost your skills, confidence, and get you feeling great about the path your on!

Working with clients?

Powerful soft skills like effective communication, emotional intelligence, behavioral nudging, and influencing are all part of our Job Coach Certification. This course is designed for anyone working with people looking for employment. 

Looking for your next career?

The Bounce Program is a work-readiness training program unlike any other. It will help you overcome your fears and frustrations about finding a job, and take you on a journey to see your life in a completely different way.