Set goals with your clients using a little bit of ‘Hope’

Set goals with your clients using a little bit of ‘Hope’


When you think about your most disadvantaged and disengaged clients, do you hope they will find a job?

Do you think they are hopeful of finding a job?

Hope is not a feeling or faith-based belief system but rather a cognitive motivational system based on thinking.

About Hope Theory

Hope Theory, developed by renowned psychologist and researcher Charles Snyder, comprises three elements that lead to an individual having hope:  

  • Goal Thinking – the clearly defined and desired outcome – the goal.  
  • Pathway Thinking – the ability to develop specific strategies to reach those goals. 
  • Agency Thinking – the sense of control over the actions required to achieve the goal. 

Hope is like a snapshot of a person’s current goal-focused thinking, the pathway to achieving the goals and the expectation that those goals can be achieved. Hope works because it broadens our thinking and fuels our persistence. 

Research has shown that when people are to achieve higher degrees of hope via therapy or coaching, they often experience:  

  • More positive thoughts  
  • Fewer negative thoughts 
  • Higher self-esteem  
  • More energy  
  • Increased levels of confidence  
  • Higher levels of positive challenge  
  • Reduced symptoms of distress  
  • Higher degree of positive therapeutic outcomes  

So as a job coach, how can you help your clients activate hope to improve their wellbeing and work-readiness outcomes?  

The Hope Map

Goal setting may be challenging for some of your clients, but you can help them by using a simple tool called The Hope Map.  

The Hope Map allows your clients to set themselves a goal and map out the pathways and obstacles that might get in their way. It gives them agency over the actions they can take to achieve the goal.  

As a Job Coach, you can support your clients to follow the map by checking-in during appointments and providing additional motivational support and energy to achieve the goal.  

Download the The Hope Map and start using it with your clients today. 

Job Coach Certification

Our Job Coach Certification Course helps you to understand more about the beliefs we hold about ourselves and how they can impact our ability to coach our clients towards better employment outcomes. Find out more about becoming a certified Bounce Job Coach.

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