Still trying to get that interview?

Still trying to get that interview?

Check out one of the best ways to get your foot in the door.

Cold calling employers is an important skill. It’s also a surprisingly effective way of getting a job. If you have gone door-to-door, sent out letters asking about employment or made phone calls looking for work, then you have been cold calling.

Some people can find it a little scary to begin with, but it works really well. Take a walk around your area this week and list down 5 places you’d like to work for. Give them a call or drop in a letter and resume. You never know what could happen.

Get the full list of cold calling tips by clicking [HERE].

Things you can do to be great at cold calling:

How you can use this knowledge

Get some new skills

Learn new skills that are super effective in helping you get a job.

Impress employers

Taking the initiative to walk into a workplace really impresses employers.

Get practice

Become more confident in putting yourself out there to different workplaces.

Find work

The next business you walk into could be the one you land the job with.


Got an interview coming up?

Get prepared with all the best information

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