You’re a Supporter

You’re a Supporter!

Knowing what you enjoy and what your talents are means you can make
decisions and set goals that suit you. Once you know what your goals are you
can figure out the best way to achieve them. Let’s take a better look at what it
means to be a supporter.

Being a supporter means you’re a person that works to the highest of standards. You create the structure and detail that keeps everything running smoothly.

As a Supporter, you are:

Organised and efficient

Structured and logical in nature

Easily able to process tasks

Ready to make clear, precise decisions

Driven by detail and information

Able to time manage

You like work that is factual and controlled. Seeing tasks through to the end and having responsibility for them is a must. If you use your natural drive for standards and structure in your job search, you’re halfway there.

Figure out a goal that suits you and plan the stepping-stones to getting there. This might mean getting work in a different department to be able to move into the role you want, having conversations with people to find new opportunities or adjusting your resume to show the kind of organised person you are.

Your helpful and organized attitude is the most important trait you have as a supporter! Use it to your advantage.

Keep scrolling to see some jobs that might suit you.

Below is a range of jobs that might suit you, ranging from entry level to highly skilled. Remember, these are just a guide to help you start exploring some options.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career journey or going through a career change, this will help you think outside the box when it comes to your next job.

 Are there any that stand out that you hadn’t thought of before?

Accounting Clerk

Railway Track Worker


Purchasing & Supply Logistics Clerk

Electrician/Trade Worker

Delivery Driver

Bank Customer Service Representative

Nursing Support

Project Administrator


Dental Assistant

Information Officer

Call Centre Worker

Train/Tram Driver

Agricultural Scientist

Cafe/Restaurant Manager

Early Childhood Teacher

Personal Assistant

Office Support Worker

Finance Broker

Human Resource Manager