You’re an Innovator

You’re an Innovator!

Discovering what you love and what your talents are means you can make choices and set goals that suit you. Once you know what your goals are you can figure out the best way to achieve them. Let’s take a better look at what it means to be an innovator.

Being an innovator means you think differently to others. You look at life in a whole new way, and you can see possibilities where others might not.

As an Innovator, you are:

Able to live in the moment and truly enjoy life

Fast-paced and passionate

Able to adapt to any situation

Ready to make quick, deliberate decisions

Fascinated by new people and situations

Driven by adventure

You like work that lets you be yourself, have fun and experience new and exciting things. If you use your natural drive for adventure and fun in your job search, you’re halfway there.

Figure out a goal that matches you and create the stepping stones to getting there. This could mean getting other work that will lead to a job you’d like to do, brainstorming with people to find new options or touching up your resume to show the kind of fun person you are.

Your adaptable, fun-loving attitude is the most important tool you have as an innovator! Use it to your advantage.

Keep scrolling to see some jobs that might suit you.

Below is a range of jobs that might suit you, ranging from entry level to highly skilled. Remember, these are just a guide to help you start exploring some options.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career journey or going through a career change, this will help you think outside the box when it comes to your next job.

Click on the jobs that spark your interest. Are there any that stand out that you hadn’t thought of before?




Marketing Specialist


Builder/Trade Worker


Store Person

Advertising Specialist

Body Artist

Landscape Gardener

Sales Representative

Tour Guide


Gaming Worker (Casinos)

Travel Advisor

Web Designer

Primary Teacher

Graphic Designer


Stage Manager

Television Journalist

Product Designer

Make Up Artist