The Secret to Understanding Job Ads

The Secret to Understanding Job Ads

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Knowledge is power, and in the job search world, this has never been more true. The more you know about an advertised job and the business that posted it, the better your chances of landing that job. Doing a quick job ad analysis is the best way to be prepared.

A job ad analysis is a quick list of info that you write down from an advertised job so you can respond with every bit of info possible. It makes applying for jobs so much easier.

Download the sheet and answer these questions about a job ad

  1. Where was the ad published
  2. What skills does the job require?
  3. What personal attitudes does the job require?
  4. What values does the company hold?
  5. What training/education is required?
  6. Do they want someone with previous experience?
  7. How do they want people to apply?
  8. What can you offer them as an employee?
  9. How could you learn more about the business?

How you can use this knowledge

Adjust your resume

You’re able to use the information to tailor your resume to the employer.

Make an application letter

Write an application letter that addresses all the things the employer wants to know.

Know what to look for in the future

Get used to looking out for specific information that the employer is asking for.

Show the employer you’ve done your research

Without saying a word, you will show your potential employer just how dedicated you are.


It doesn’t stop here

Find out how to make an impact and apply for jobs the right way!

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