The Virtual Job Coach

The Virtual Job Coach

How many contact hours does it take to learn everything you need to know about your clients to help them find work? 

Coach-client meetings are critical to helping people find their way into employment. They are a way of building connection and trust and getting to know what your clients need from you to help them find a job that they are going to enjoy doing and stay committed to.

Every job coach needs to build a relationship with each client based on a foundation of genuine interest, care and trust. But what happens if it’s too hard to get enough time to find out all the essential information you need, and your clients are reluctant to open up to you?

Imagine if there was a way to gain deep visibility into your clients’ values, beliefs, and strengths, and understand their employment preferences and goals. You need a virtual job coach on your side.

Bounce Online has been designed to help your clients discover incredible, life-changing information about themselves. As their job coach, this information is emailed to you as they move through the program. The detailed reports give you insights and knowledge that will completely change the way you support them to find employment.

Bounce Online – The Virtual Job Coach

The Bounce Program Online has been designed to help your clients discover incredible, life-changing information about themselves. You can work with your clients using the content from inside the course to provide guidance and direction around what types of jobs they would be best suited too.

Coaching to the content

There are five modules inside the Bounce Online:

  • Your World Map
  • Confidence Key
  • Get Directions 
  • Career Compass 
  • The Career Toolbox

When your clients complete the modules, the information in the reports will give you an in-depth understanding of the barriers and blocks that are holding your clients back and what is most important to them. Sometimes these things may conflict with each other, so when you can identify this easily, you can find ways to nudge them through. 

 So how can you use the information from the program to best support your clients?


Your clients may have formed beliefs over the years that become limiting to how they see themselves and what they can achieve. How often have you heard “There are NO jobs,” or “I’ll never find a job”? These statements are often based on one single experience in the past and then become generalised into the future. When you read or hear this statement from a client, try asking “How do you know this to be true?” or “What evidence do you have that supports this?” When you ask a question like this, you will encourage your clients to challenge their thinking and see things differently.

What is important to your client? Sometimes, they’re not even sure what is important to them. They may think that things like money, a car or a house is important, but the key distinction is, it’s not the ‘thing’ that is important – it’s the feeling that comes with it that matters most. Having money may give your client a feeling of freedom or validation, and a house may provide them with security and safety. When you understand what is important to them, you can get them excited about their future by linking a job to their values. 
Skills & Qualities

Your clients might not be fully aware of all the unique skills and qualities they have. They may have also developed limiting beliefs about them, such as “I’m no good at anything” or “I don’t have enough education”. The reports will help the client identify their skills and qualities and build their confidence. This knowledge will then help, when it comes to putting together resumes and nailing those tricky interview questions. 

Employment Preferences

Your clients will complete an employment preference summary along with the My Job Outlook Career Quiz. It helps them discover what types of jobs they are most suited to and what sort of work they are really interested in. This is some of the most powerful information inside the Program, and you can use it to narrow down employment opportunities and market your clients to prospective employers. This information will give you a huge edge over your competitors too when it comes to finding successful placements. 

What they said…

Here’s what Job Coaches have told us about their experience with the Bounce Online:

I put my clients into Bounce Online because some lack confidence and others have a lack of clarity with regards to their career goals / direction. By participating in Bounce they gain incredible insight into their strengths and capabilities. The Program reports are really impressive. They provide me with information about my clients behaviors and habits as well as insight into their work values, employment goals, communication styles and transferable skills. It would have taken quite a number of sessions to gain this level of insight into my clients, and I don’t believe it would have been to this depth. My clients are more confident which is leading to better engagement.

The client completion reports are impressive and highly beneficial as they indicate a participants engagement skills and the barriers or challenges that need to be focused on. The sections of the report that really stand out include participants being able to identify their qualities and skills and for them to uncover the values and traits that are holding them back. It would take at least three sessions to gather just some of this information in normal face-to-face appointments.

Are you ready for great outcomes too?

Bounce Online is the perfect fit for your clients and will get them excited to see their lives in a completely different way. If you’re ready to change the way you engage with and support your clients, Bounce Online is the answer.

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Wellbeing and work readiness training for job seekers

If you have clients that need additional support to find and keep a job, they need to complete Bounce Online. The program will give them clarity and confidence and help them stay motivated on their journey to work.


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