Using EQ to Land the Job

Using EQ to Land the Job

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Having emotional intelligence is being aware of your own emotions, the emotions of others and using these feelings in a positive way. With emotional intelligence you are able to change situations you’re not happy with and achieve your goals. It’s important to be able to recognize if your emotions are helping you or hurting you and what to do with them if they are. Having this skill is a huge plus for employers. Download more tips on emotional intelligence and develop this important skill.

Some simple tips:

Label your feelings, rather than labelling people or situations

Say "I feel impatient" instead of "This is ridiculous". Say “I feel hurt and bitter" instead of "You are an insensitive jerk".

Use your feelings to help make decisions

Ask "How will I feel if I do this?" and "How will I feel if I don’t?".

Show respect for other people's feelings

Ask "How will you feel if I do this?" and "How will you feel if I don’t?".

How you can use this knowledge

Have more control

Control your emotions when something triggers you and make better choices about what to do next.

Help others

Support people around you by understanding their emotions and why they are feeling them.

Know your limits

Know how far you can push yourself so you can stop before you become overwhelmed.

Personal and professional development

Get a fantastic, lifelong skills that employers really want and you can use in your everyday life.


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