Want to Write Application Letters and Don’t Know Where to Start?

Want to Write Application Letters and Don’t Know Where to Start?

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Maybe you haven’t written an application letter before. That’s ok because it means you are starting off fresh.

Application letters are the fastest way to tell an employer exactly who you are and what you can do. It is simply your resume shortened into a few paragraphs and employers love them.

While some people think application letters are old fashioned, employers see it as doing them a favour. Application letters follow a simple process – why you are applying for the job, how your experience and abilities relate to the role you’re applying for, why you would be great for the role and asking for an interview.

Tips to help you write your application letter

How you can use this knowledge

Create great application letters

Write amazing application letters that get an employer’s attention.

Learn more about computers

Use programs like Word to make your letter look great.

Get practice

Become faster and faster at creating letters with practice.

Improve your reading and writing

Polish your reading and writing skills through proofing and adjusting your letters.


Need to introduce yourself?

This letter can help you get a job no one knew existed

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