You’re Amazing – This is Why

You’re Amazing – This is Why

Find out exactly what makes you special...

Everyone has abilities that make them unique and incredible, and you’re no different. While the people around you could tell you in a second what makes you great, can see those abilities for yourself?

Knowing your skills and personal qualities is an important part of selling yourself to an employer. You can use them in your resume, in interviews and as a confidence boost to help you know that you will be great at a job. You’ve already done this activity inside the program, but there was a lot of information and I want you to really understand how incredible you are. There is so much to be uncovered here!


Skills are the physical things you know you’re good at and that an employer would love. For example, coordinating things, maths, planning and organising are all great skills.


Your qualities as a person are what make you, you. They’re behaviours, traits and attributes that an employer looks for as strengths you can bring to a job. For example funny, kind and clever.

How you can use this knowledge

In your resume

List the most appropriate skills and qualities you have that match the job you’re applying for in your resume and application letter.

In interviews

Being able to talk about yourself openly and confidently in an interview is a huge advantage and employers will appreciate it.

Bettering yourself

By knowing what you’re good at you can discover areas you could improve upon that may help you get into a job you really want.

Building confidence

Knowing what skills and qualities you have helps you feel energised, confident and prepared to take on a new job role.


Want to learn more?

Discover one of the most important things about yourself.

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